BioNanoNet Association

The non-profit BioNanoNet association aims to strengthen innovative research by promoting cooperation and the creation of synergies among people working in various fields of medical and pharmaceutical research, such as nanotoxicology, sensor technology and health, safety & (nano)medicine. The BioNanoNet Association operates the BioNanoNet GmbH, which is responsible for pursuing the objectives of the Association.


BNN is an Austrian scientific network that specializes in Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) on national and international level, with a strong focus on bio- and nanotechnologies.

BNN has the clear aim of supporting innovative interdisciplinary research by forming cooperative networks and synergistic collaborations, with special emphasis on nanotoxicology, health, safety & (nano)medicine and sensor technologies.

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BNN is a European key player in the field of nanosafety, specialised in developing nano-safety-by-design strategies together with researchers and industry, and coordinates the national technology platforms NanoMedicine-Austria and SusChem-AT.

Additionally,BNN supports national and international research projects in coordination, management, dissemination and communication.

National initiatives

Austrian Technology Platforms & Initiatives

  • Austrian Microfluidics Initiative
  • European Center for Nanotoxicology - EURO-NanoTox
  • Lighthouse NanoFutures
  • Medical Sensor Solutions
  • NanoMedicine-Austria
  • Sustainable Chemistry - SusChem-AT

Stakeholder groups

  • NanoNet-AT
  • Clusterplattform
  • NanoInformationsKommission
  • Austrian Standards Institute - ASI

Regional / national Projects

  • MIOMI (finished)
  • NanoAdd (upcoming)
  • NANO-HEALTH (finished)
  • NanoProdEx (finished)
  • SbD-AT (finished)

International initiatives

International Technology Platforms & Initiatives

  • Communities of Research (CoRs)
  • Cross-European Technolgy Platform NanoFutures
  • European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP)
  • European Materials Characterisation Council (EMCC)
  • European Materials Modelling Cluster (EMMC)
  • European Pilot Production Network (EPPN)
  • European NanoSafety Cluster (EU-NSC)
  • European Technolgy Platform Nanomedicine (ETPN)
  • European Technolgy Platform Industrial Safety (ETPIS)
  • European Technolgy Platform Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem)

Stakeholder groups

  • European Photonic Industry Consortium (EPIC)
  • European Society Nanomedicine (ESNAM)
  • European Chemical Regions Network (ECRN)
  • Nanotechnologies Industries Association (NIA)
  • Global open platform for predictive toxicology (OpenTox)

International Projects

  • ACEnano (3rd party)
  • Gov4Nano (upcoming)
  • Hi-Response
  • NanoCommons
  • NanoDiode (finished)
  • NANOFORCE (finished)
  • NANoREG (finished)
  • R2R Biofluidics
  • SeeingNano (3rd party) (finished)
  • Smart-4-Fabry
  • SPIDIMAN (finished)
  • EC4SafeNano (associated partner)
  • Nano2All (associated partner)
  • NanoData (advisory group)
  • NanoReg2 (strategy advisory group)
  • NANOSOLUTIONS (advisory board)
  • NOBEL (associated partner)
  • ProSafe (advisory group)
  • Cost Action CA15107 - MultiComp
  • Cost Action MP1106 – Smart Green Interfaces SGI (finished)
  • Cost Action TD1204 – MODENA (finished)
  • Cost Action TD1402 - RADIOMAG
  • Cost Action CM1403 - UpCon
  • Cost Action CA17140 - Nano2Clinics
  • Cost Action CA15114 - AMICI