You will become a member of the BioNanoNet Assocation which is the owner of BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH.

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BioNanoNet activities for institutions with scientific expertise

  • Involve you in the strategic development of our scientific fields
  • Provide access to expertise and infrastructure of our national research network
  • Develop project ideas and initiate proactive project proposals
  • Prepare, elaborate and establish strategic key issues
  • Perform lobbying
  • Present member expertise at scientific events
  • Increase member visibility and promote synergies through joint appearance
  • Strengthen multidisciplinary information exchanges
  • Take over the coordination / management of contract andresearch projects as a project partner
  • Represent members to national and international funding agencies
  • Represent member interests at national and international events

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Added value of a BioNanoNet membership

  • Due to the thematic focus, tight networking among international key players and funding agencies and its internationally recognized standing, BioNanoNet has achieved a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). BioNanoNet is actively involved in the development of national and international research strategies and participates in EU projects for the benefit of researchers in the network. Consequently, BioNanoNet members have a unique opportunity to significantly increase their involvement in international projects.
  • BioNanoNet uses its strategic positioning for the benefit of its members: BioNanoNet informs its members about the latest calls, proactively initiates project applications, provides support for grant applications and involves members in attractive international consortia.
  • BioNanoNet also represents the interests of its members in the HORIZON 2020 programme. BioNanoNet contributes to the strategic research agendas of technology platforms at an international level, is a member of a high-level group of EU Member States working in the area of Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies and is involved in the design of tendering documents. Through the Members Service (direct mailing, newsletters, participation at conferences and exhibitions), customers and members are informed about calls, events and important scientific findings.
  • Due to the thematic specialization of the BioNanoNet and the intense, close-knit exchange between its members, it is possible to transfer firmly based know-how and strong expertise in a targeted manner. This allows the topics relevant to members to be used when tendering documents for funding programs (regional, national and international). Projects can be accordingly procured and members` interests can be represented at "brokerage events". Consequently, the members must spend significantly less energy and fewer resources while acquiring new projects and forming collaborations.

Added value for BioNanoNet members:

  • International positioning for recognition as a science cluster
  • Connection with key players at national and international levels
  • Representation of the interests of members during the development of national and international research strategies (e.g., HORIZON 2020)
  • Preparation, elaboration and establishment of key issues that are relevant to sites and regions
  • Targeted mention of relevant issues in tendering documents submitted to funding programmes
  • Provision of timely information about calls and the formation of consortia
  • Acquisition of projects
  • Development of project ideas and proactive initiation of project proposals
  • Preparation and submission of applications with high levels of flexibility and competence
  • Contributions to applications with a high standard, especially in the fields of regulatory aspects and nanosafety-tasks
  • Management and coordination of national and international research projects
  • Contribution of scientific expertise in the field of nanosafety, standardization and regulation
  • Communication and dissemination activities
  • Strategic positioning activities and project development with respect to the members` objectives and requirements
  • Provision of multidisciplinary knowledge and transfer of information between members and international partners
  • Procurement of projects
  • Support in preparation of project proposals
  • Representation of members' interests in the context of national and international events
  • Initiation and promotion of joint publications

In addition, BioNanoNet is represented in numerous national and international committees, allowing it to bring its members` interets to the fore.