21 Dec 2022 Quarterly


For the last edition of 2022, we are taking a deep dive into (Nano)materials Characterization: Novel Techniques & Tools and their Contribution to Standardization. Thanks to our many members involved in characterization of nano- and advanced materials. This issue features 7 contributions on the following topics:

  • Nanoplastic analysis
  • Characterization of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
  • NMR spectroscopy
  • Interlaboratory comparisons
  • NanoDis for effective release rate testing of nano-medicines
  • Toxicological evaluation of manganese oxide nanomaterials
  • Characterization of nanomedicines

These methods and techniques are essential for enabling standardized handling of the materials, and thus paving the way towards scientific outcomes.

Besides scientific contributions from our BioNanoNet members, reports about projects and activities, this issue also includes an announcement of our new BioNanoNet member Covirabio GmbH and member presentations from Green Tech Valley Cluster GmbH, Microfluidics Innovation Hub and Technical Office for Chemistry – Dr. Karl Dobianer. Welcome!

We hope you enjoy this edition and the updates to our layout! ✨

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