11 Mar 2024 Calls

COIN SME Innovation Networks 2023

Cooperation & Innovation

Call open until 29 March 2024, 12:00 p.m. CET

“COIN SME Innovation Networks” aims to improve the innovative capacity and innovation output of Austrian companies (especially small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs for short). A maximum total of EUR 4 million is available for the parallel calls COIN SME Innovation Networks 2023 and IraSME (33rd call).

Funding is provided for the implementation of specific innovation projects (products, processes or services) in a network with several consortium members.

Structured cooperation within the network should result in a clear and sustainable leap in quality and innovation for all consortium members. Furthermore, the collective added value achieved through the network work should have a corresponding effect beyond the funded network if possible.

What criteria apply?

  • At least 4 independent companies (including at least 3 small and/or medium-sized enterprises – SMEs)
  • Minimum duration 1 year, duration 2 years (in justified exceptional cases maximum 3 years)
  • Maximum funding amount EUR 500,000
  • Total eligible costs at least EUR 100,000
  • The consortium leader must have a permanent establishment and/or branch office in Austria.
  • The consortium leader submits the funding application and is the contact person at the FFG
  • Obligatory cooperation agreement


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