09 May 2023 Updates

Commission in fresh bid to bolster coordination between national R&D policies and EU research programmes

Seven countries have signed up to a Commission initiative to help them in drawing up tailored R&I policies that make the most of EU programmes. Initial reaction is positive, but participants say implementation is what counts

A new initiative by the European Commission aims to replicate the concept underlying the European Semester – in which EU member states discuss and try to align their economic policies with EU rules – with a similar forum for research, development and innovation policies.

Since the launch of Enhanced Dialogues in 2022, seven countries have opted in: Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia. These are all Widening countries with a weaker R&D performance, but the initiative is open to all member states.

The project is in its infancy, and to date not much more has happened aside from launch events with the first volunteers. But although not stated officially, the goal is for all of the EU’s member states to get involved.

This will open the way for each member state to have a dialogue with the Commission about their R&D policies, with the Commission then acting as a go-between and relaying best practices and experience between countries.

Enhanced Dialogue is designed to be broader in scope than existing channels for policy discussions, such as the Policy Support Facility, through which member states can get advice on specific policy areas.

One specific objective is to help member states to better connect with EU programmes and projects, including the European Research Area, the New European Innovation Agenda and Horizon Europe’s Missions and partnerships. Another is to help member states in developing synergies with EU regional and development funds. It also gives member states flexibility to set their own objectives in terms of what they want to get out of the dialogues with Commission representatives.

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(article from Sciencebusiness)