EURO-NanoTox is active in five core areas:

a. The development, establishment and implementation of standardised toxicological measurement methods (in-vitro and in-vivo) for nano-structured materials. 

b. The establishment of international standards.

c. The provision of centralised nanotoxicology information, with particular emphasis on the human toxicology of nano-structured materials. 

d. The establishment and maintenance of international contacts in regard to (a) and (b) 

e. The organisation of comparative studies and, if appropriate, inter-laboratory tests 

The core function of EURO-NanoTox is to develop and implement standardised in-vitro and in-vivo tests for the determination of the toxicity of nano-structured materials. This will form the foundation of a virtual center which will, on the one hand, systematically investigate the toxicological effects of nano-structured materials and, on the other hand, study the mechanistic basis of the toxicity of such materials. The center will provide academic and industrial researchers with the opportunity to discover a potentially existing toxicity of their materials at an early stage of development. By applying this knowledge, these materials can be specifically improved and their potential risks for the environment reduced. Through the application of standardised methods in a quality assured environment, expensive failed product development or potential hazards occurring upon product release can be avoided.