15 Apr 2024 - 19 Apr 2024 Online Event

AI Hackathon 2024

Get ready to embark on a new journey where the power of machine learning meets the complexity of toxicological research because the countdown to our Spring AI Hackathon has officially begun!

Application deadline: 31 March 2024

Application procedure: A group of 30 participants from a range of educational backgrounds and expertise levels will be selected to encourage a diverse pool of innovative ideas.


Hackathon Topics:

1. QSAR Modelling
2. Toxicogenomics Analysis
3. Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment
4. Use of New Approach Methods in Risk Assessment
5. Toxicokinetics
6. Exposure Modelling


Why Join the OpenToxAI Hackathon?

• Network of Excellence: Connect with peers who share your zeal for knowledge and innovation. Forge connections that could catalyze future collaborations and open doors to exciting opportunities.
• Skill Enrichment: Regardless of your level of expertise, participating in our OpenToxAI Hackathon will equip you with new skills that have the potential to transform industries and create lasting impact.
• Showcase your expertise by fine-tuning a foundation model for chemical risk assessment tasks with high accuracy and efficiency.
• Empower the Machine Learning community with documented insights and steps, enabling them to replicate successful approaches and build their own LLM solutions.
• Contribute to a movement that democratizes access to cutting-edge LLMs, reshaping the landscape of chemical risk assessment for broader societal impact.



• Beyond the knowledge gained, you will earn recognition for your contributions. Promising results will be considered for further development, publication, and dissemination at the OpenTox 2024 virtual conference.

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