11 Oct 2023 - 11 Oct 2023 1:30 pm Online Event

All-polymer micro-opto-electromechanical systems and actuators

Epoxy-based negative tone polymers present interesting features enabling its use for micro-opto-electromechanical systems (MOEMS) and polymer actuators. Our partner Dr. Andreu Llobera, currently holding the position as Head of Research Unit Photonic Systems at Silicon Austria Labs, will report on his long-term research work including photonic micro devices and photonic materials. He will report for example from a technological perspective, that aspect ratios higher than 20:1 are achievable. From an optical perspective, assumable losses around less than 2 dB/cm enable the implementation of polymer-based circuits at the surface of polymer MEMS. And if the high coefficient of thermal expansion is taken as an advantage, simple electrical or optical actuation were enabled as will be shown in his webinar presentation.

The online event series has been offered monthly by micro resist technology since 2021. Each one hour webinar consists of a presentation by one of our specialist colleagues or partner, followed by a moderated questions and answers with the specialist.

Please join us for the online seminar. More information and a constantly updated webinar agenda can be found here.

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