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04 Mar 2024 - 07 Mar 2024 Vienna, Austria


Advanced (Nano)Materials and Technologies: Science, Research & Innovation for Safety and Sustainability


The “Advanced (Nano)Materials and Technologies: science, research & innovation for safety and sustainability” Summit 2024 (ANTHOS 2024) promotes the advancements in technological innovation & research results on Safe-by-Design (SbD) for advanced (nano)materials and beyond. This summit serves as a platform for bringing together leading experts in Safe-by-Design (SbD) and Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD) from projects funded under the H2020 and Horizon Europe initiatives. Additionally, representatives of key international stakeholder groups (European Commission, OECD, EFSA, ECHA, National Ministries, Industry…) as well as relevant associations and initiatives are invited to actively participate in the event.

Draft Agenda:

  • Monday, 4th of March:
    BioNanoNet General Assembly & BNN Networking Event
  • Tuesday, 5th of March:
    NMBP-15 Final Event – Demonstration of SbD tools, presentation of key results, and round table discussion
  • Wednesday, 6th of March:
    NMBP-16 Session – Latest developments on S(S)bD for advanced nanomaterials
  • Thursday, 7th of March:
    A stakeholder’s perspective of Safe-and-­Sustainable-by-Design – One year on! Organised by SABYDOMA
    SABYDOMA Technology Showcase


The event is open to research organizations, SMEs and large industries, consultancies, and other organizations active and interested in safety and sustainability of advanced materials, nanomaterials, and related products.

The event is organized by BNN, the EU NanoSafety Cluster, and the sister projects’ collaboration of the NMBP-15 projects ASINA, SAbyNA, SABYDOMA, SbD4Nano and NMBP-16 projects DIAGONAL, HARMLESS, SUNSHINE, as well as IRISS and PARC.


Location: Twelve (Hertha-Firnberg-Straße 8, 1100 Vienna, Austria)



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