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07 Mar 2024 - 07 Mar 2024 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Vienna, Austria

Expert Workshop on Public Perceptions of Nanoparticles in Sunscreens: Challenges and Opportunities – 7th March 2024


IZES gGmbH, a DIAGONAL project partner, is organising an interactive workshop on the last day of ANTHOS 2024.

Expert Workshop on Public Perceptions of Nanoparticles in Sunscreens: Challenges and Opportunities
Hosted by IZES gGmbH as part of DIAGONAL project
Twelve: Hertha-Firnberg-Straße 8, 1100 Vienna, Austria
7 March 2024, 11:00-12:30

This workshop will bring together key stakeholders in nanotechnology, the cosmetics industry, research, and consumer and environment protection to explore and address public perceptions of nanotechnology in cosmetic sunscreens.

Building upon insights from a pre-study survey and media analysis as part of the environmental psychological research of the DIAGONAL project, this workshop aims to foster open and constructive dialogue on the societal perspectives of benefits, risks, potentials and challenges surrounding using nanoparticles in sunscreens.

Participants will engage in discussions about the current state of public awareness, existing concerns, cognitive associations, emotional responses and potential knowledge gaps. This workshop will examine the roles of various stakeholders in shaping public perceptions and aims to develop innovative communication strategies that align with the principles of the Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design approach. Moreover, the workshop provides an opportunity for cross-sector collaboration, encouraging interactive discussions that bridge the gap between scientific advancements, industry practices and consumer expectations and perceptions under the framework of public acceptability of nanotechnologies.



1) Identify key challenges and opportunities of public engagement and perceptions according to experts.

2) Explore and contribute to developing a guide for communication and outreach activities for application areas of nanotechnology (i.e., cosmetic industry).


Who should attend the workshop?

• Research and development
• Consumer and environmental protection agencies
• Industry professionals
• Regulatory/ governmental authorities
• Interest groups
• Communication and outreach specialists


Draft Agenda

11:00-11:15     Welcome and introduction
11:15- 12:00    Interactive work
12:00-12:20   Reflection round
12:20-12:30    Summary and outlook


Registration is free. Registration for physical attendance is already closed. Register below before online participation.

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Participants are encouraged to attend the other ANTHOS sessions at the same location!

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