18 May 2021 - 20 May 2021 Graz, Austria

Global Innovation Summit 2021

In a changing world, the brave take the path of uncertainty to explore, innovate and create. Their journey goes onwards and upwards, as ideas grow and evolve and challenges change perspectives, processes and principles.

Are you in the business of innovation?
Are you looking to collaborate globally?
Are you at the scale up point in your business cycle?


Be part of something bigger!
18 – 20 May 2021 – Meet like-minded people, meet people you want to learn from! 

The Global Innovation Summit provides an international meeting place for businesses, innovators, researchers and funding experts to network, share knowledge and develop new business ideas. You can also learn about world-wide business collaboration and funding opportunities in Eureka and Horizon Europe. International speakers will share their inspirational stories of the journey and growth of their ideas and innovations. The Global Innovation Summit with its focus on Green Transition, Digital Transformation and Post COVID will give you the chance to extend your network in your respective field of interest – all free of charge!


HTS-SESSION: 19 May 2021/02:30 pm – Healthcare – from crisis to success 

Enter the world of a booming industry that has not only proven itself to be resistent to crises, but is also currently experiencing an unbelievable boost in innovation. Start-ups, scale-ups, industry partners and international stakeholders in  health policy will present and discuss the success factors of a  growing sector. Hear all about breakthrough solutions (cutting-edge innovations) in medical technology and digitalisation and discover new possibilities that have opened up for the health tech industry, which will be pursued post-CoViD.

For more information on #GIS2021, its speakers and a more detailed agenda please visit https://www.gis2021.com

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