05 Jun 2024 - 05 Jun 2024 Brussels, Belgium

Human Biomonitoring and PARC: From regional to international level

How can scientific research advance policy in the fight against pollution? How can human biomonitoring (HBM) provide governments with valuable information on environmental health effects and help address potential health risks?

With this publicly accessible plenary congress, the Department of Environment & Spatial Development of the Flemish government would like to shine a light on different HBM initiatives and how regional projects can have an impact on an international level.

Multiple countries, including Norway, Canada, Lithuania, and Belgium, will elaborate on their respective human biomonitoringprogrammes.

PARC (the European Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals) will present their contribution to innovation and policy concerning chemical substances.

Location: Maison de la Poste – Picardstraat 7 – 1000 Brussels

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