25 Feb 2021 - 26 Feb 2021 Paris, France

ICPerMed Conference 2020

Supported by the European Commission, the conference will bring together world’s leading researchers, ELSI experts, health economists, payers, patients and industry representatives, regulatory authorities and HTA experts and ICPerMed members including ministries representatives, research funding and policy organisations.

Within the last years, ICPerMed gathered and analysed needs from relevant stakeholders, defining challenges and actionable levers. In this context, ICPerMed developed a Vision Paper focusing on five challenges or perspectives in personalised medicine:

  • Citizen engagement,
  • Involvement of health providers,
  • Implementation within healthcare systems,
  • Health-related information,
  • Economic value of implementation.

In the Vision Paper, ICPerMed provides keys on how to cross personalised medicine barriers through essential and transversal pillars that will allow improved therapy, diagnostic and preventive approaches, as well as new healthcare concepts for the benefit of citizens and patients.

During the conference, ICPerMed will be committed to demonstrate the importance and the need to address personalised medicine challenges through the prism of these critical pillars focusing on data & technology, intersectoral synergies and education & literacy necessary to initiate the translation into healthcare systems.

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