13 Dec 2022 - 13 Dec 2022 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Online Event

Planning for 2023 – NanoSafety Cluster Working Group F on data

2022 is going to end soon and therefore it is a good time to look into the future.  We have reached a lot but there are still many issues to solve with respect to data documentation, FAIRness and openness. Since this has to be addressed in a collaborative way of the global community, Working Group F (Data Management) has invited important projects and initiatives with activities on data and knowledge management and sharing to a virtual round table in a extended last meeting of our working group.  These will present their objectives (see agenda below), current activities but also challenges, and the planned next steps.

Today, we want to invite all of you to also participate in the meeting, which will take place on 13 December, 15:00-17:00 CET.

We hope that this will give everyone and especially data producers and users the opportunity to inform themselves about what is going on but also to express what they see as the major needs of development and improvement in the next years. This will then be the input for inspiring intensive discussion in following 2023 WG-F meetings on how to work together to reach the identified goals.


15:00-15:10IntroductionThomas Exner
15:10-15:20WG-F including the NInChI working group and the European perspectiveEgon Willighagen
15:20-15:30Communities of Research and the American perspectiveMark Wiesner
15:30-15:40International Network Initiative on Safe & Sustainable Nanotechnology (INISS-nano) and the Asian perspectiveAli Beitollahi
15:40-15:50GO FAIR AdvancedNano Implementation NetworkVeronica Dumit
15:50-16:00European Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals (PARC)Iseult Lynch
16:00-16:10ELIXIR Toxicology CommunityEgon Willighagen
16:10-16:20Nanoinformatics in the NSCTassos Papadiamantis
16:20-16:30NanoFabNet and DaNaClarissa Marquardt and Katja Nau
16:30-17:00Open discussion


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