Nanomaterials have been included in discussions with reference to their regulation in recent years. Within REACH, to certain extent, nanosized materials have already been addressed. Existing policies are mostly additions to the existing European Union (EU) directives. Large initiatives are underway in Europe and worldwide to develop regulatory frameworks that address nanomaterials in a proper manner. BioNanoNet contributes to this work and has gained expertise in the field of regulatory aspects of nanotechnology within the project NANOFORCE. To this end, BioNanoNet continuously interacts with national and international stakeholders, with policy makers and the regulatory and legislative authorities, as well as with industry (e.g., in the context of NANoREG, EURO-NanoTox, standardisation committees, etc.).

Therefore, BioNanoNet offers regulatory expertise to our members, providing important know-how as a service or to help you draw up your project proposal.