Global efforts are underway to collect evidence about the safety of nanotechnological developments. Nanosciences, research and development continuously allows the improvement of environmental, health and safety knowledge and the performance of our technologies, processes and products over their life cycles. The ultimate goal is achieve development while avoiding harm to people and the environment. Since its foundation in 2006, BioNanoNet has been part of several initiatives related to these tasks and is currently involved in international key NanoSafety initiatives.

Especially as part of the project NANOFORCE, BioNanoNet worked together with European partners to demonstrate to stakeholders that nanotechnologies, like any kind of new technology, are developed and commercialised by using a responsible approach. This means that BioNanoNet proactively cooperates with the legislators and the competent authorities as well as adopts the values and behaviours that promote the transparency of knowledge  for the benefits of both workers and consumers.

BioNanoNet is also partner of the NanoSafetyCluster, is involved as a DCP in the OECD Sponsorship Programme of the working party on manufactured nanomaterials (OECD-WPMN), takes part in the safety-working group of the NANOfutures-platform and serves as the Austrian NanoSafety hub. In addition to providing BioNanoNet’s NanoSafety expertise, the renowned BioNanoNet members include top-level scientists that work on several TRL’s to advance the safe implementation of nanotechnology.