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BioNanoNet has a recognized leading role in Europe in the field of "nanotoxicology / nanosafety" and is a member of the high-level group "Nanosciences&Nanotechnologies" of the European Commission. BioNanoNet brings in the interests of its members on the national, European and international levels through its active involvement in the development of research strategies and in the establishment of the strategic direction of European Technology Platforms.

BioNanoNet will expand its activities in the field of nanotoxicology beyond the European borders and will, thus, significantly contribute to both society and the economy. The establishment of a scientific "expert committee", in which the BioNanoNet members will also play a central role, will be a priority of a European coordination project that is part of HORIZON 2020. This activity will determine the long-term success of developments in nanotechnology.

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EURO-NanoTox is an internationally visible, national contact point in the field of nanotoxicology that will cover all aspects of the human toxicology of nano-structured materials. EURO-NanoTox comprises partner institutes based at different sites and is, thus, a “virtual center”. It is coordinated by the BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH.


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