25 Jan 2023 Calls

IraSME – 31st Call

International Research Activities in SME

Call open until 29 March 2023 12:00 p.m. CEST

The primary objective of Austria’s participation in the transnational call IraSME is to improve the innovation capacity and the innovation output of Austrian enterprises (in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, in short SMEs) by means of structured, transnational cooperation between enterprises as well as between enterprises, institutions for research and knowledge dissemination and other non-economic institutions in innovation networks. A total of max. EUR 4 million is available for the parallel calls COIN SME Innovation Networks 2022 and IraSME (31st call).

What is being funded?

  • The establishment and expansion of sustainable innovation networks, organized in the form of a consortium
  • The structured cooperation between companies or between companies, research and knowledge dissemination institutions and other non-economic institutions
  • The implementation of concrete innovation projects (products, processes or services)

What are the criteria?

At least 3 independent companies, of which at least 2 are small and/or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from at least 2 countries/regions participating in the 31st Call; at least 1 SME per country/region.
Duration: Minimum 1 year, maximum 3 years
Funding amount maximum 500.000 EUR (Austrian project part)
Total eligible costs at least 100,000 EUR (Austrian project part)
The Austrian consortium leadership must have a permanent establishment and/or branch office in Austria.
The consortium leader submits the funding application and is the contact person:at the FFG.
Obligatory cooperation agreement

Who is eligible for funding?

Companies of any legal form
Institutions for research and knowledge dissemination
– universities
– Universities of applied sciences
– Non-university research institutions
– Technology transfer institutions, innovation intermediaries and other science-oriented organizations, e.g. associations with a corresponding purpose
Other non-economic institutions
– Self-governing bodies
– Non-profit organizations (NPO)

Which countries/regions are participating in the 31st Call?
Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic (The deadline for the Czech part of the project is 31.01.2023!), Flanders (Belgium), Germany, Luxembourg, Turkey, Wallonia (Belgium)

How do I submit?
Submission is only possible electronically and before the submission deadline via eCall.

Submission of the short proposal in eCall, for the timely selection of reviewers by the FFG, must be completed by 28.02.2023, 12:00:00 (CET).
Deadline for submission of the full proposal in eCall is 29.03.2023, 12:00:00 (CEST).
Applications must be received by the submission office in electronic form (eCall) by this time. The applicant is responsible for the timely receipt of the application. Subsequent submission – even of parts of the application – is not possible.

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