All proponents of Medical Sensor Solutions (MSS), which is initiated and coordinated by BioNanoNet GmbH, aim to establish a sustainable research focus on medical sensor technologies in Styria by combining existing expertise in the fields of sensors, fluidics, nano-patterning, nano-medicine and medicine.

Medical Sensor Solutions is a consortium of internationally recognized experts and institutions. This collaboration is based on several years of cooperation among the experts involved and forms a solid base of trust among key persons, guaranteeing the successful development of MSS and considering already established networks in Styria. The incentive for all activities within MSS is to create solutions for medical needs using technological products. Each MSS project starts by defining a medical necessity and is continually monitored by medical experts.

The overall objective of Medical Sensor Solutions is to establish a focus of competence in the field of medical sensors in Graz and to initiate and develop joint projects with the long term goal of establishing MSS as a nationally visible and well-known brand name. Graz is a prime location, mainly because expertise in sensors has already been developed at all local universities and non-university research institutions. Scientific impact in the field of medical solutions has already been achieved, for example, by the successful realization of the EU project CLINICIP and the implementation of project results has led to the establishment of a branch in Graz by B. Braun in 2009. This visibility will be advantageous when acquiring more national and international projects, both in basic research and applied industrial development.