Nanomaterials (manufactured MNMs, as well as engineered nanomaterials, ENMs) already exist as part of a huge number of products. The focus group on "environmental nanoscience" deals with life-cycle-related tasks that address interactions of MNMs/ENMs with the environment. Scientists at several Austrian institutes work in this field and are internationally renowned experts in the detection of and analysis of nanomaterials in terms of their environmental behaviour. In addition to assessing the potential risks of these materials, this group focusses on their potential to benefit the environment, e.g., to be used in cleaning water, etc.

BioNanoNet initiated and now coordinates this focus group in order to improve the communication activities among the scientific experts, as well as connect the environmental aspects of nanotechnologies with their effects on humans (EURO-NanoTox). Findings should eventually lead to the formulation of inclusive models and simulations of nanomaterial effects.