05 Oct 2021 Calls

NanoCommons Transnational Access Call is now open – Apply for access/support for your nanoinformatics needs

NanoCommons Transnational Access Call is now open, inviting all nanomaterials / advanced materials researchers out there to apply NOW for funded access to nanoinformatics and data tools and services. NanoCommons can support you with:

  • building predictive models for your research question using your IMAGES and/or DATA,
  • implementing data management workflows,
  • development of physics-based or data-driven predictive models for nanomaterials properties, exposure, hazards and risks,
  • “data shepherding”, guiding your team or project through all steps of the data lifecycle & making your data FAIR,
  • development of a KNIME workflow for your model/tool to integrate it with available databases or other nanosafety models,
  • and many more. Check out the opportunity and range of tools and services here!


Contact us for help to apply: helpdesk@nanocommons.eu

Closing Date, November 5th.


In addition, to ensure that the NanoCommons services are tailored to the needs that you identify as roadblocks or challenges in your work, please do not forget to complete this short questionnaire, to inform us about the needs and goals of you/your project: