29 Nov 2021 Publications

NanoFabNet Implementation Roadmap for EU-Project Collaboration released

NanoFabNet Deliverable 3.6 Implementation Roadmap for EU-Project Collaboration

Project Deliverable by BNN
Project: NanoFabNet, Grant Agreement No. 886171  (Topic “Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing – Foundations for tomorrow’s Industry”)
Date of publication: 17 October 2021
Area: Alliances & Clustering
BNN team involvement: Johanna K. Scheper, Andreas Falk


Seeking to provide help to EU-funded projects dealing with sustainable nanofabrication, BNN has recently released the NanoFabNet Implementation Roadmap for EU-Project Collaboration, one of the public reports to be delivered by the NanoFabNet project. The roadmap has been developed, together with all the project partners and has been created using information gathered through different activities performed during the first one and half years of the project:

  • Mapping and listing of former and current EU-funded projects relevant for the sustainable nanofabrication field,
  • Active dialogue with NanoFabNet’s stakeholders maintained during the 1st and 2nd Development Workshops, including a posterior analysis from the feedback, and
  • Integration of complementary actions planned and/or undergone with other R&I initiatives like the NanoSafety Cluster (NSC), the EURONanoLAB initiative and EURAMET, to develop collaborations to widen and strengthen the sustainable nanofabrication field across Europe.

The NanoFabNet hub will be officially launched in 2022 and will be the product of two years’ collaborative work efforts from several European and international partners. It will be the virtual platform that will be hosted on NanoFabNet’s website and serve as an important tool for nanotechnology professionals and entities. The NanoFabNet hub will be a one-stop-shop for all matters and concerns pertaining to sustainable nanofabrication. 

The NanoFabNet Project has defined its own concept of Sustainability in Nanotechnology and Nanofabrication,  which will be also adopted and promoted within the NanoFabNet Hub. This concept rests on three strong and well-identified pillars (Figure 1). These pillars are: i) Environment, Health & Safety issues in Nanotechnology & Nanofabrication, ii) Life Cycle Sustainability (LCA) in Nanotechnology & Nanofabrication, and iii) Ethics and Governance issues in Nanotechnology & Nanofabrication.

Figure 1. The three pillars of the NanoFabNet Project concept of Sustainable Nanofabrication


Download the NanoFabNet Implementation Roadmap for EU-Project Collaboration now & get inspired!