JOANNEUM RESEARCH works for the future-proof production
The production of goods represents a fundamental pillar of European prosperity and competitiveness in a global market. In order to protect the region’s economy, substantial advances ranging from increased digitalization to optimization in the sense of a functioning low CO2 circular economy in production processes are necessary.
At JOANNEUM RESEARCH, more than 250 interdisciplinary experts work in the area of »Information and Production Technologies« for national and international clients and together with partners in the following areas of research:
  • Digitalization in production
  • Optimization of production technologies and processes
  • Climate-neutral production

JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s contribution can range from initial analyses and feasibility studies up to the development of industrial solutions for quality assurance systems, production processes and technology, materials, and the analysis of industrial production data, depending on the area of application.

Its research infrastructure is aligned with the needs of business and industry. Access to state-of-the-art international technological developments is ensured thanks to the close cooperation with leading international research facilities.



Become a partner of an innovative consortium!

On May 14th, 2020 the 36th national call for proposals »Production of the Future« of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG was launched.

With its expertise, JOANNEUM RESEARCH covers the majority of the announced topics.

We can already provide specific contacts for the following core themes:

1. industry 4.0
Harald Mayer, DIGITAL or Mathias Brandstötter, ROBOTICS

2. nanotechnology
Georg Jakopic, MATERIALS

3. photonics
Paul Hartmann, MATERIALS

4. smart textiles

5. bio-based industry (innovation laboratory »biorefinery«)
Gerfried Jungmeier, LIFE

Create the future of production with JOANNEUM RESEARCH! We are looking forward to it!

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