Implementation of Risk Governance: meeting the needs of nanotechnology

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EUflag white low ID 6256 Gov4Nano project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n° 814401.
Project duration: 01 01 2019 - 31 12 2022 (48 months)
Total cost: EUR 8.678.466,50
EU contribution: EUR 7.795.549
Number of partners: 31
BNN members participating: none
Coordinator: Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu
Project keywords: Nanotechnology, nano-materials, nano engineering, Risk governance, Risk assessment, safe by design, data management, technical guidance, risk perception, Risk Governance Council, governance framework, stakeholder engagement, monitoring
Project summary & objectives:
The Gov4Nano project will develop the first implementation of a future-proof operational Nano Risk Governance Model (NRGM) that addresses the needs of the transdisciplinary field and innovative (and key enabling) character of nanotechnology.
  • It will explore the potential added value of upcoming tools and approaches such as Findable, Accessible Interoperable and Re-usable (FAIR) databases, data-hackathons, blockchain technology and implementation of Safe-by-Design to achieve adaptive and resilient risk governance.
  • It will support consensus building, prioritization and harmonization of practices amongst stakeholders, with a focus on key aspects for risk governance of nanotechnologies, including risk assessment, risk management, risk perception and risk communication, risk-benefit evaluation, and risk-transfer and the societal desirability of nanotechnology applications.
  • It will include knowledge management and data management, efficiently executed through stakeholder involvement.


Role of BNN:

BNN leads different activities to understand, how risk perception on nanotechnologies is formed in civil society and (re-) insurance industry. Characterising and understanding particular information needs and concerns about nanotechnology of civil society, and (re-)insurance industry, will help identifying indicators that influence and form public risk perception on nanotechnologies. Therefore, Gov4nano aims to identify, analyse and understand their needs when it comes to possible risks and how to deal with them. This will allow the evaluation of the impact of stakeholder engagement activities (e.g., informative workshops, training, dialogues, etc.) on public acceptance of nanotechnologies. Specific focus will be given to dedicated training sessions as well as education and out-of-the-box thinking activities, in order to elaborate how training and education can help non-experts to build their own unbiased opinion.

Another task of BioNanoNet is the creation and maintenance of the Gov4Nano homepage.

  • keywords: dissemination, risk perception; nanotechnology; stakeholder; engagement activities; training sessions; education; 


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