Project name: “NanoCommons: The European Nanotechnology Community Informatics Platform: Bridging data and disciplinary gaps for industry and regulators”


 Logo EU flag yellow low ID 6241 NanoCommons has received fundingfrom the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 EU research and innovation programme under grant agreement n° 731032.


Project duration: 01 01 2018 - 31 12 2021 (48 months)

Total cost: EUR 5.586.000,46

EU contribution: EUR 5.400.000

Number of partners: 14

BNN members participating: National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), NovaMechanics

Coordinator: The University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)

Project keywords: Knowledge infrastructure, nanosafety, nanoregulation, nanoinformatics, key enabling technology

Project summary & objectives:
The focus of the NanoCommons project is to create an openly accessible e-infrastructure of scientific and cutting edge and managerial excellence provided by a combination of research intensive academic groups and SMEs serving the current and future (unmet) needs of the key research communities and pivotal industrial users and regulators. As such NanoCommons will bring pan-European added value and innovation opportunities, by answering the increasing demands concerning the prediction of safety of existing and new nanoscale materials for health and environmental sustainability. By specifically addressing the health and safety aspects of nanomaterials or other novel and emerging materials (NEMs) and providing solutions to industry and regulatory bottlenecks to commercialisation of nano-enabled products, NanoCommons is poised for enormous impact.
Nanotechnologies and the resulting novel and emerging materials (NEMs) represent major areas of investment and growth for the European economy. Recent advances have enabled confidence in the understanding of what constitutes toxicity of NEMs in relation to health and environmental hazards. However, the nanotechnology and nanosafety communities remain disparate and unconnected, whilst knowledge and data remain fragmented and inaccessible, such that from a data integrating and mining perspective it is clearly a “starting community”. The field, and indeed the European open knowledge economy, requires conversion of these scientific discoveries into legislative frameworks and industrial applications, which can only be achieved through concerted efforts to integrate, consolidate, annotate and facilitate access to the disparate datasets.
NanoCommons brings together academia, industry and regulators to facilitate pooling and harmonising of methods and data for modelling, safe-by-design product development and regulatory approval purposes, thereby driving best practice and ensuring maximum access to data and tools.
Networking Activities span community needs assessment through development of demonstration case studies (e.g. exemplar regulatory dossiers).
Joint Research Activities will integrate existing resources and organise efficient curation, preservation and facilitate access to data/models.
Transnational Access will focus on standardisation of data generation workflows across the disparate communities and establishment of a common access procedure for transnational and/or virtual access to the data, and modelling and risk prediction/management tools developed and integrated.
Given the extremely rapid pace of development of nanoinformatics, NanoCommons’s detailed workplan will be prescribed for the first 18 months, beyond which it will be co-developed with stakeholders on a rolling call basis to ensure maximum responsiveness to community needs.
Role of BNN:
  • Expand and develop the community interaction.
  • Bring into the project knowledge from fundamental research and commercialisation to end of life data.
  • Contribute with the set-up of a sustainable long-term infrastructure for the nano-safety community

Keywords: community building, dissemination, safety, integration, sustainability


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