Project title: „Nanotechnology for Chemical Enterprises – how to link scientific knowledge to the business in the Central Europe"


The NANOFORCE project is implemented in the CENTRAL EUROPE Program co-financed by the ERDF.

Partners: The BioNanoNet ForschungsGmbH participated in this project together with 8 partners from 7 countries of Central Europe.


NANOFORCE project is to foster the innovative nanotechnology-sector networks across Central Europe regions by bringing together public and private organizations to carry out collaborative and interdisciplinary researches on nanomaterials.

NANOFORCE locates and bundles the competences in the countries and identifies and checks technologies on its compatibility with the REACH regulation and its application potential. Modern interactive methods like online platforms, informative fora and topic-specific workshops shall ensure the exchange of information between research groups and industry.

Duration: NANOFORCE was started on May 1st, 2011, and ran until October 31st, 2013 (30 months).

Funding: The European Union funded BioNanoNet with € 187.000.

Role of BNN:

BioNanoNet is work package leader within NANOFORCE project, coordinating all activities in the focus of the „responsible use of nanotechnology & associated risk management”. Furthermore BioNanoNet is also involved in the deal-flow management between research and industry, and the business plan preparation for an interregional nanotech venture capital fund which should support nanotech start-up companies.


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