NanoSciences and Materials: Exploratory Round Table Activities

Working title: “Nano-Community in Austria – Synergy Potential”
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Project duration: 25 11 2019 - 31 10 2020 (12 months)

Total funding: EUR 60.000 

The project receives funding from the Republic of Austria, Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.

Number of partners: 2

Project keywords: nanoscience; nanotechnology; cooperation; promotion of young scientists

Project summary & objectives:

The project "NanoSyn” aims to address nanosciences and nanotechnologies in Austria comprehensively. The relevant community in scientific and applied research as well as the industrial value chain shall be further developed. The aim of the project is the initiation of specific cooperation with special attention to the promotion of young scientists through conferences and trade fair presentations. The collaboration of the project partners “BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH”, “nanoNET-Austria e.V.” and “Erwin Schrödinger Gesellschaft für Nanowissenschaften e.V.” will strengthen the national community, support science and research activities as well as industrial collaboration from basic to applied sciences. Multidisciplinary collaboration on national and international level from research and development towards sustainable innovation will be facilitated.

Role of BNN:

BNN is coordinator of NanoSyn and furthermore leader of the activities of community-mapping, dissemination & communication as well as international connections (e.g. EU-NanoSafetyCluster, Asia Nano Forum, etc.).