01 Mar 2022 Updates

Report on Public Funding Observatory 2021/2022

This report presents the expectations of national university associations across Europe in terms of funding and system governance in the medium term (2022-2024).

It also reflects on the European funding context, in the light of the National Recovery and Resilience Plans submitted by the EU member states under NextGenerationEU, and which may result in additional funding and investments that would benefit universities.

The report finds that, although sector projections for public funding are rather optimistic compared to 2020, the crisis will continue to affect universities, with concerns over rising inflation levels and possible austerity measures in some European countries. As a result, many expect further funding reforms.

To advance towards a sustainable post-pandemic recovery, governments will need to commit to ambitious investments in higher education and support the sector in its efforts to tackle the green and digital transitions.

The publication is the first of a two-part flagship study, the EUA Public Funding Observatory 2021/2022, and contains data from 28 university systems in Europe.


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