10 Mar 2021 Offers

Senior position in Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment and Project Management

One-year senior position at the University of Burgos-ICCRAM

University of Burgos, 09001, (Burgos, Spain), 37,5 hours per week
International Research Center in Critical Raw Materials for Advanced Industrial Technologies (ICCRAM)


For the period of one year, the candidate will be involved in the evaluation of LCA and LCC of the production of different types of materials and processes, as well as in the study of the integration of Sustainability by Design concept into Safe by Design strategies. The candidate will be participating in different European Projects analyzing the value chain of innovative processes and materials production. In addition, LCC activities are included as well as social-LCA.



How to apply?

You can either send your CV, academic records and motivation letter to Sonia Martel (smartel@ubu.es) and Dr. Rocío Barros (rbarros@ubu.es)
The deadline to receive the applications is 15/04/2020.