For BioNanoNet members, we ...

  • Set up and develop projects that require a multidisciplinary scientific team
  • Coordinate research projects
  • Provide access to the expertise and infrastructure present within a national research and technology network
  • Facilitate multidisciplinary information exchange
  • Support individual research activities
  • Encourage the exchange of resources
  • Perform lobbying
  • Represent clients to  national and international funding agencies
  • Increase media presence through joint efforts
  • Provide professional representation at national and international exhibitions and conferences
  • Provide training and further education for employees
  • Heighten client image through network affiliation

For external customers, we ...

  • Develop potential solutions
  • Provide you with a competent scientific project team
  • Professionally coordinate your project (if requested)

Are you in the process of planning a development or research project and need additional resources and/or expert services? The BioNanoNet functions as a „one stop shop", i.e., a single and reliable partner that can provide you with solutions that are tailored to meet your particular needs.