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Profit from our knowledge and experience as a participant in more than 30 funded projects on international level! Within the last 15 years, BNN has helped to build and manage small to large scale consortia, and to promote and coordinate dissemination and exploitation activities of research projects at all Technology Readiness Levels.

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Project Initiation and Grant application

Securing right funding at the right time is a challenging process. Building on a multitude of successful project proposals on European level, we are devoted to provide you with strategic funding advice, building high quality consortia, and guide you through the administrative hurdles of the grant application process.


Project Management

We offer advanced experience in the management of (inter)national research projects and optimally combine classic project management with special requirements regarding the intercultural challenges of transnational consortia. We integrate specific project management skills into collaborative efforts, significantly boosting added value for customers along the entire lifecycle of a project.


Project Communication & Dissemination

Benefit from many years of experience in the networking business! We align your specific communication & dissemination needs with powerful measures to maximize the impact of your research activities. We help you to build your own project identity, and to promote and disseminate your action and results.

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