12 Oct 2021 Allgemein

UAS4Europe presents action plan for realising the European Innovation Area

In the beginning of October 2021, UAS4EUROPE, the informal network of European Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), handed over the UAS4EUROPE Action Plan for Innovation to EU Commissioner Ms. Mariya Gabriel during a hybrid conference.

The Innovation Action Plan, which delivers twelve concrete applied research recommendations for the realisation of the planned European Innovation Area (EIA), is the result of a consultation process of an expert group composed of high-level UAS leaders and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in innovation. It aims to inform Commissioner Gabriel’s initiative for a single market for innovation, which will complete the knowledge triangle by complementing the European Education Area (EEA) and the European Research Area (ERA). More particularly, it sets out how to ensure European competitiveness in the next wave of technological innovation in a sustainable, equitable and coherent way.

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